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Benjamin Casserd

First Name
Last Name
Port Townsend
Foundation of Serenity
Which skills or areas of expertise are you willing to share?
Education and Training
Faith and Spirituality
Outdoors Experience
Retail, Hospitality, Tourism, Housekeeping
I am interested in working with schools in my area
What grade level would you or your organization work best with?
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Higher Education
Special School Activities
9th Grade Community Mentoring Program
High School Senior Projects
Available for classroom presentations
What kind of availability do you or your organization have to offer?
Advisership (longer term commitment)
Mentorship (coffee or lunch, shorter time commitment)
Job Shadowing
Document Review (business or research plans)
Briefly describe the program, volunteer work, or partnerships you or your organization may offer.
The Foundation is a resource available for use to how to have a more positive life. Through education with motivational videos, healthy coping and communication skills, positive affirmation training, daily meditation readings, calming techniques and how to find programs and/or volunteers to help with emotional grief, loss and resentment, we offer tools to deal with life on life's terms. We also seek out places for youths and teens to go to in order to decompress emotionally and cope with life's daily grind. As well as emotional support, in the future we will be offering activities for youths, teens and people with developmental disabilities.
You have indicated an expertise in Education and Training
Certified Water Damage MitigationTechnician
AAS Electromechanical Technology
Former Certified Forklift Driver
CPR training certified
You have indicated an expertise in Faith and Spirituality
Ordained minister with Universal Life Church
You have indicated an expertise in Manufacturing
Electronic Assembly Production
You have indicated an expertise in Outdoors Experience
Professional landscaper
Trail builder
Hardscape experience
You have indicated an expertise in Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism
Food Handlers Permit
Pizza connoisseur
Above average cooking skills
Former cook at the Starlight Room
Restaurant experience
New to Area