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Howard (Hal) Henson

First Name
Howard (Hal)
Last Name
Port Townsend
Which skills or areas of expertise are you willing to share?
Business Creation and Administration
Faith and Spirituality
Outdoors Experience
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
I am interested in working with schools in my area
What grade level would you or your organization work best with?
High School
Higher Education
Special School Activities
9th Grade Community Mentoring Program
High School Senior Projects
Available for classroom presentations
You have indicated an expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
I have a BSIE (Industrial Engineering). I worked as a process engineer, manufacturing engineer, quality engineer, and manager of all of these areas. I have set up factories and audited the quality systems in multiple facilities in multiple countries. I was registered as a Professional Engineer in static electricity applications; as a Lead Assessor for ISO 9000, primarily in support of medical devices related to Ultrasound technology, electronic assembly, as well as a wide variety of mechanical fabrication and assembly technologies.
You have indicated an expertise in Business Creation and Administration
I have a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership with a focus on cross cultural leadership. I was Vice President of a consultant agency funded by the State of California and the Federal Government's Small Business Administration. We provide advice to small business (larger than 25 people, but smaller than 500) in Northern California. My wife and I owned a variety of small business adventures over a span of 20 years.
You have indicated an expertise in Faith and Spirituality
I served for 15 years in Chile as a trainer of people between 18 to 35 who were investigating serving as missionaries in a Protestant environment. I served as a Assistant Pastor in a church supporting international expatriates in Chile for three years. I served for over 25 years as a leader in various levels of the Boy Scouts of America. I was the advisor for the Boy Scout Protestant religious award for 15 years for our troop.
You have indicated an expertise in Manufacturing
I worked as a process engineer, manufacturing engineer, program manager, and quality engineer in the fabrication or assembly of electrical motors, outdoor lights, nickel cadmium batteries, telephone systems, ultrasound machines, disc drives, computers, and flexible printed circuits. These included chemical processes, machine methods, casting of metals, and plastics, welding of metals, and plastics, as well as soldering and cleaning electronic devices.
You have indicated an expertise in Outdoors Experience
In 35 years of Boy Scout activities I have spent many days hiking, canoeing, sailing, and camping primarily on the West Coast. I taught how to dress and pack for hiking or camping, how to read tracks, how to site and set up tents, how to cook over open fires, how to start fires with a variety of methods, etc.
New to Area