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Owen Rowe

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Port Townsend
The Food Co-op
Which skills or areas of expertise are you willing to share?
Agriculture and Food Services
Business Creation and Administration
I am interested in working with schools in my area
Special School Activities
High School Senior Projects
What kind of availability do you or your organization have to offer?
Job Shadowing
Briefly describe the program, volunteer work, or partnerships you or your organization may offer.
Our Board Associate role is designed to introduce member-owners to cooperative board governance, policy decisions, and strategic planning before they decide to run for election. Associates attend board meetings, participate in discussions, and receive a small stipend (on a store card), but they are not voting board members. The typical associate term would be Oct-May, just right for senior projects. Of course, any senior who is staying in town would then be eligible to run for election to the board!
You have indicated an expertise in Agriculture and Food Services
Our mission: Working together to nourish our community.
You have indicated an expertise in Business Creation and Administration
The Food Co-op board uses Policy Governance (the "Carver model"), which has a strong record of success in many US food co-ops. We get support in board development from a cooperative of consultants, the CDS Consulting Co-op ( Many articles on their website are part of the educational background package we read through with Board Associates.
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