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Kristofer Day

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Port Townsend
Northwest Maritime Center
Which skills or areas of expertise are you willing to share?
Maritime Trades and Usage
I am interested in working with schools in my area
What kind of availability do you or your organization have to offer?
Job Shadowing
Briefly describe the program, volunteer work, or partnerships you or your organization may offer.
Partnering with the Northwest Maritime Center, the Marine Thrift is a place to find great deals on used boat gear, tools, hardware and fasteners. We work to keep useful goods and materials out of the landfill and in circulation, simultaneously supporting boaters and protecting the environment.

Getting involved in the store would include a good deal of customer service- identifying customer needs and wants and guiding them through the assortment of used hardware, accessories, fasteners, components we have in the store. Sorting and unboxing of donations as well as researching and pricing donated materials and equipment.

Opening or closing the store, operating a point of sale system, potentially running the store independently as needed as well as supporting the operation of an online store.

There will be opportunities for sporadic maintenance, repair, cleaning, delivery and transit of boats which are donated to the Maritime Center as well as some salvage work.
You have indicated an expertise in Maritime Trades and Usage
15 years working in Marine Trades as rigger, sailmaker, carpenter and ships captain.