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Nancy Stevens

First Name
Last Name
Port Townsend
Which skills or areas of expertise are you willing to share?
Faith and Spirituality
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Transportation and Energy
I am interested in working with schools in my area
What kind of availability do you or your organization have to offer?
Advisership (longer term commitment)
Mentorship (coffee or lunch, shorter time commitment)
Document Review (business or research plans)
Briefly describe the program, volunteer work, or partnerships you or your organization may offer.
I have (individually) done volunteer work to some extent in the areas of: essay writing/editing, research, statistics, spreadsheet/database creation/maintenance, environmental awareness/monitoring, homeless shelters, facilitating spiritual studies, creative writing, math.
You have indicated an expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
40 years working with an engineering consulting company - head of the analytical and technical services department. Focused in all areas of research and report writing, as well as heavy emphasis in statistical research and result presentation.
Previous experience as a Fortran programmer, transitioned as personal computers and software became more sophisticated.
Majored in math, but with the power of spreadsheets I don't consider myself a math tutor.
You have indicated an expertise in Faith and Spirituality
I have lead Bible studies, been head of Women's Ministry at a large church, helped put together retreats and prayer groups. I am a very spiritual person and enjoy connecting with others on a spiritual level.
You have indicated an expertise in Transportation and Energy
My career has been in the energy industry - mostly oil and natural gas and biofuels; as well as broad energy-related reports for others who presented them at Congressional hearings and technical support for expert testimony in energy-related litigation.